Our Services

Community Management

Pacific Coast Management provides every Association that we manage with responsible and reliable service that caters to each community’s individual needs. We are able to accomplish this by providing direct and comprehensive reporting, along with consistent and effective communication.

Our team here at Pacific Coast Management currently offer our services to the following types of communities:

  • Single family communities
  • Condominium communities
  • Town home or PUD communities
  • Master Planned communities

Our Team of Professionals for Your Community

Once a community has decided to choose Pacific Coast Management, we assign a Certified Community Property Manager to your Association. In the case of an absence by that assigned Manager, another Associate from our team would step in and assist with any current Association matters that need to be addressed.

The Assistant to your Manager supports them by assisting with written correspondence to homeowners and vendors, overseeing communication regarding Architectural Applications, as well as completing daily clerical duties.

With the collaboration of our team members at Pacific Coast Management, our Community Managers are able to be accessible for phone calls and emails, present in solving problems as they arise, and have the ability to work in partnership to solve community issues with Board members through regularly scheduled Board meetings.

Escrow Services

In addition to the management of each community, we offer assistance to homeowners and real estate specialists with property relations. As part of the procedure of selling/refinancing a home within a Pacific Coast Management community, both buyers and sellers must abide by certain laws in which they are required to disclose information that relate to the procedures of that community.

In order to ensure that information is transferred with accuracy and care, our company uses www.homewisedocs.com for the delivery of all escrow needs.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Pacific Coast Management uses an off-site financial accounting affiliate, Mission Association Financial, to handle every aspect of our accounting (i.e., Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Financial Reporting).

In office, the Community Manager and/or their Assistant of the Associations to which they manage, codes all invoices to the appropriate accounts as per the communities’ budgets.

At the end of each month, Financial Statements (balance sheet, income and expense report, cash disbursement register, general ledger, bank statements and reconciliations and all A/R reporting) are produced for Board members review.

Maintenance Inspections & Coordination

Pacific Coast Management regularly inspects properties in order to ensure that all members of the community are abiding by the Rules and Regulations and CC&R’s of the Association. Landscape and maintenance vendors may also attend these inspections of the property in order to see the property first hand and find out any relevant information about the Association. Each association’s procedure is different and we are here to work with them individually to customize their needs.

Our property managers oversee calls, emails, and faxes from Homeowners concerning maintenance issues that arise within the Association. When we receive information regarding an issue with a property, communication from the Homeowner is entered into our work order system, followed by a call or email to the appropriate vendor. The vendor will then call the owner or resident of the property to schedule the repairs needed.

Maintenance Division

We have a wonderful staff in our Maintenance Division that do incredible work.   If associations are interested in utilizing the Maintenance Division, the manager will provide bids for your specific project.   We are State licensed and carry both liability and worker’s comp insurance for our maintenance division.

Board Meeting Preparation and Management

Community Property Managers have the responsibility to organize, attend, and take part in all regularly scheduled Board of Directors meetings and Annual Election meetings. Board packets are provided and sent electronically as well as hard copies.

Emergency After-Hours Service

An on-call Community Manger is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist homeowners with after-hours issues regarding the Association. When a homeowner calls our office and the office is closed, contact information is given for the emergency on-call Community Manager. The Manager will then contact a chosen preferred vendor for any normal emergency services.

Billing and Assessment Collection

Pacific Coast Management provides multiple services to pursue the collection of assessments in order to maintain the community association’s financial stability. We have determined that monthly billing is both an effective means of maintaining this financial stability, as well as a consistent reminder to Homeowners of their impact on the collection of assessments for the Associations.

We offer several convenient options for Homeowners to pay their dues. Homeowners are able to pay online through the checking account (no charge), or with a credit card (small fee) via Mission Association Financial. This is an offsite affiliate that our company uses for every aspect of accounting. Homeowners can also access their account online through www.missionaf.com. Another means of paying dues is setting up auto-payment account, after first completing and submitting the proper form to Pacific Coast Management. Finally, a Homeowner can choose to mail in a check instead of online payments.

Our company manages the Association’s assessment and collection policy with direction of the Board through the lien process. From there, the accounts that move into foreclosure are then turned over to the Association’s collection attorney.

At the Board of Directors meetings, Pacific Coast Management includes a delinquency aging and collection status report within the Directors Report.

Certifications, Legal Compliance, and Updates

The Community Management industry is ever-evolving. With these changes comes our commitment to keeping Board Members aware of the changing laws and how it effects their responsibilities as a member of the Board of Directors.

Community Associations Institute (CAI) is an international membership organization dedicated to building better communities. CAI provides information, education and resources to homeowner volunteers who govern communities and the professionals that support them www.caionline.com. Our team at Pacific Coast Management are members of CAI and are active in the organization and continue educate themselves in their field of expertise. We encourage members of the Board to become members of CAI in order to continually educate themselves in the process of governing their communities as best they can.

All Legislative legal updates are reviewed and distributed by Pacific Coast Management to its Community Managers to make sure they are in compliance with any new laws and procedures. Board Members are also provided this information with our Board Bulletins. When beginning any project, the Board receives proposals as well as any legal information that the Board must consider during the process.