S. King, Board Member

Any HOA board interested in fulfilling their obligations as prescribed, should seriously consider Pacific Coast Management (PCM). Engaging Angie Adams and her team has been the best decision by any of our boards since the HOA’s inception in 2004. In PCM, The Palms Long Beach, HOA, has found a strong, reliable business partner—one well versed in the in-and-outs of HOA property management and HOA governance. Because of our association with PCM, we have had access to a fine group of outside contractors, vendors and excellent legal talent. Another benefit of doing business with PCM is that we have had the pleasure of working with their maintenance division—a great crew headed by Stephen Alvarez.  Stephen and his crew are courteous, respectful of our members and do excellent, efficient work.

With PCM’s help and guidance, our board has successfully completed a number of large-scale enhancement projects while addressing years of deferred maintenance. Our property looks spectacular and its infrastructure and our reserves are strong. Will there be other challenges? Yes, and our board can face them confidently knowing we have PCM at our side.