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Our approach is to develop long term, personal relationships in order to tailor our services to your specific needs. Pacific Coast Management offers you:
  • A project manager who has an in-depth understanding of your community and is well versed in the unique challenges you face.
  • An office staff ready to answer homeowners' questions regarding their accounts, and procedures specific to your association.
  • State of the art financial reporting, which can be customized to meet your association's particular needs

We provide the following services for all Homeowners' Associations:
  • Send monthly assessment statements to all homeowners.
  • Collect all Association dues.
  • Keep records of dues paid and delinquent accounts.
  • Act promptly on all delinquent accounts, in accordance with CC&Rs and By-Laws.
  • Turn delinquent accounts over to the attorney representing your Association and ensure that they expedite the processing of each account. Should you choose, we will recommend an attorney with whom we have had a successful relationship in the past.
  • Enforce all CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations of Association.
  • Prompt payment of all Association bills.
  • Provide Board packages to all Board members, including agenda, minutes of the prior month's meeting, financials, all correspondence, bids on current projects and full reports on all accounts in collection.
  • Provide homeowner listings by name and address
  • Notify owners of monthly Directors' meetings, annual, and special meetings.
  • Provide all annual election materials.
  • Assist Board in development of annual budgets.
  • Perform all necessary maintenance and services, i.e., hiring vendors and establishing their qualifications, verifying certificates of insurance and necessary licenses, obtaining competitive bids, negotiating agreements, and supervising vendors to operate and maintain your community properly.
  • Assist your auditing firm with the timely preparation of audit and submission of reports and forms to governmental agencies, including quarterly and annual Federal and State Tax Returns for employees, annual 1099s for vendors, and non-profit tax exempt forms for the Association.
  • We will assist you in establishing and maintaining reserve accounts for future maintenance and replacement, at the optimum rates and terms.
  • We are available by telephone 24 hours per day.

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